Opening Sonsbeek – The Collection Arnhem

Opening Sonsbeek – The Collection Arnhem

Sonsbeek 16 Transaction Arnhem Plattegrond

The 11th edition of Sonsbeek International

This exhibition is leading up to Sonsbeek 2016, the 11th edition of Sonsbeek International. The exhibition will be called Transaction and will take place from June 4th till October 4th, 2016. This year’s curator is the Indonesian art collective Ruangrupa.

‘Sonsbeek – de collection’

Sonsbeek international is a statue exhibition that takes place irregular from 1949 until now. Every time someone else curates it. Not all the statues you can find in the park, they are located in the public domain. So ‘Sonsbeek – de collection’ is actually a route that takes you through the city along the statues. Curious to say, as an Arnhemmer I had the knowledge of these statues but have never known why and how these were placed in the city. The statues just existed. So this exhibition is interesting if you are from elsewhere or a resident.

After what we’ve heard and seen we are even more curious about this year’s exhibition. We are all invited to write our stories about Arnhem and send it to the RuRuHuis (the main house of the exhibition, Looierstraat 43). So we can co-create the exhibition.

During the opening of ‘Sonsbeek – the collection’ city councilor Gerrie Elfrink told us his wish for the exhibition. A rather nice one to share with you:
“Art has a perfect role in our public domain, it has the possibility to question its function and its limits. Not only for the public space itself but it has also the ability to question the society as a whole. The freedom and range of art are far more widely then politics’.

The slogan of the last exhibition: ‘Gandeur’ (2008, curated by Anna Tilroe) was that the art would carry Arnhem. Elfrink hopes that Arnhem would carry the art of 2016.

To close the main part of the opening the town poet Jesse Laport was invited to take the microphone and had three interesting and completely different poems about the city. 

Together with some coffee, cake, dinner or an apple, you are able to see an overview from the highlights of the past statue exhibitions from 1949 until now. And afterward, you can take the map and walk the route alongside the statues.

Last night, the exhibition ‘Sonsbeek ­­– de collectie’ (Sonsbeek – the collection) opened in Dudok. It was quite busy in a strange setting; where the café and exhibition met each other.

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