Arnhem’s History Day

Arnhem’s History Day 

Clear October 17th in your agenda because you’ll be at Arnhem’s History Day!

There will be a ton of events during the day, most of these can be found at Rozet. Several speaker will tell you (in Dutch) about Arnhems ideals and illusions from the past and how some of them came true.

Maybe you would like to know more about soccer club Vitesse and their 123 year history.

There will be a book market, you can buy books about Arnhem that the library no longer wants.

Make sure you make a stop on the 5th floor of Rozet to see the beautiful view of Arnhem, here you can also find a panorama view of Arnhem how it was around 1800. This is a new edition to Rozet and I can’t wait to see it.

Head down below to the -1th floor. Today the “treasury” is open to the public and you can see very old books that have beautiful bindings.

You can see an hours worth of short film material from the period 1949-1984.

At another location (Veerhuis Meinerswijk, De Praets) there will be lectures and this location is the starting point for several excursions.

Last year I had a great time at the history day in Arnhem, it was very educational and interesting. This year you can also find me there, still so much more to learn about Arnhem!

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