Open Monuments Day Arnhem 2015 go get some culture

Open Monuments Day Arnhem 2015 go get some culture!

Arnhem: There is culture everywhere you look. This Open Monuments Day is a great reminder of this. Take a look here and you’ll see all the monuments you can visit this weekend. You could visit a museum, gallery, monumental homes and buildings. A great way to see places that normally you just would pass by, but are now open for the public.
On Open Monuments Day entree is free, so bare in mind that it can get a little crowded at some popular places.
Not sure where to go? That’s ok, I can give you a few tips:

Museum Bronbeek

The White Mill

City Hall and “Duivelhuis”

Eusebius church

St. Elisabeths Gasthuis

Huize Zypendaal

Sabelspoort (Sabersgate)

Opening hours can be found when you click on the link. All other locations can be found here

Didn’t get  chance to tho this year? Then there is always next year ?

Eusebius Church Arnhem

Eusebius Church Arnhem

St. Petersgasthuis Arnhem

St. Petersgasthuis Arnhem

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