Get a budget breakfast at HEMA in Arnhem

Get a budget breakfast at HEMA in Arnhem.

Budget breakfast

Budget breakfast

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. Even better if it’s a budget one!

At one of the 530 HEMA shops in The Netherlands you can get a breakfast for only 2 Euro. Isn’t that a bargain?

You’ll get an egg on toast, a croissant, jam and fresh orange juice. Also included is tea or coffee. You’ll be ready for the day, and what is to come.


Buy a rookworst



Make sure you will not leave the HEMA without buying a rookworst (smokes sausage). You can get them cold, serve them hot at home next to your boerenkool (Dutch mash – we love them!) or eat them hot from the store.

It is a really unhealthy snack, but ohh sooo good. If you want to try Dutch snacks, don’t pass on this one.

Eet smakelijk!

HEMA is located in the center of Arnhem, but has more stores, check here for the locations.


About HEMA

HEMA is an international retail organisation with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Customer-friendly and with a unique profile. If you have never been there, you should say you have been to The Netherlands ;).

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