Hospital, Doctors and Pharmacies in Arnhem

In need of a doctor or just some meds, here is where you’d find them.

Hospital: Rijnstate,  Wagnerlaan 55, phone nr 088 – 005 8888 (foreign customers): 0031 – 26 378 8888

Rijnstate Arnhem

Rijnstate Arnhem

Pharmacies: There are several to choose from in Arnhem Center

BENU Apotheek Musis
Velperbuitensingel 15
026 442 6834

Apotheek “Het Dorp”

Jachthoornlaan 1-A Arnhem

026 370 3111

Velperweg 71
026 442 6565
Doctors: Take a look here for the names and addresses of local doctors
Some doctors have a walking hour, but it is best to ring the doctor first in the morning, even more so when you are not his patient.
Note, basic medication can also be found at stores like the Kruidvat, Etos or DA and even at local supermarkets.

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